Shaft play in BB turbos? – 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum

That is a little suspect for that cartridge. the best thing to do is to use a dial gauge and inspect it in two specific places on the turbine shaft. the axial movement (in & out play), and radial movement (side to side play)

To measure the axial movement of the turbine shaft, position a dial indicator gauge against the end of the shaft at the turbine end, and push against the compressor end of the shaft. Axial play shold not ex .002in (0.07mm)

To measure readial movement, place the gauge through the oil inlet hole and against the shaft. rotate the turbine shaft and observe any fluctuations. Jiggle the shaft up and down, back and forth, while observing the dial gauge. Radial play shouldn't exceed 0.004in (0.15mm)

Once you do that, check the residual oil from the turbocharger from metal shavings and FOD.

That's really the best you can do to check.. Taking it apart is not an option in this case, as you will destroy the specific tolerances of it.

Shaft play is caused by the bearings in the center section of the turbo wearing out over time. When a bearing is worn, shaft play, a side to side wiggling motion of the shaft occurs. this in turn causes the shaft to scrape against the inside of the turbo and often produces a high-pitched whine or whizzing noise. this is a potentially serious condition that can lead to internal damage or complete failure of the turbine wheel or the turbo itself.

Shaft play in BB turbos? - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum

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